Enhance confidence in toxicology results.

Improve the reliability of toxicology results by automating your sample preparation workflow.

Toxicology and clinical pathology laboratories are tasked by hospitals, prisons, police authorities and other workplaces to screen biological samples – such as urine, blood and saliva – for target or illegal substances. Samples are screened for a broad spectrum of analytes and metabolites that indicate the presence of biological markers and illegal substances, and the results feed into pathology and toxicology reports.

To find out more about how ePrep ONE can simplify the workflow in a forensic laboratory, read these application notes.

Preparing samples for chromatographic screening is challenging, involving multiple liquid handling steps that are mostly performed manually. The small sample volumes leave little room for error, requiring highly experienced personnel to perform reproducibly. This issue can be solved by investing in an automated sample preparation solution.

The ePrep® ONE used for forensics and clinical workflows

The ePrep ONE allows laboratories to automate the sample preparation workflow, increasing sample throughput and allowing the equipment to operate 24/7 with minimal human intervention. This will minimise human errors and improve accuracy, giving staff greater confidence in the results they report. It also reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries – caused by manual liquid handling – and minimises staff exposure to hazardous solvent-based aerosols and vapours.

The ePrep ONE can be used for:

  • Preparation of instrument calibration standards
  • Addition of internal and surrogate standards to samples
  • Addition of derivatisation reagents to samples
  • Addition of reagents (aqueous and non-aqueous) to samples
  • Preparation of surrogate samples
  • Filtering
  • Extraction and purification (liquid-liquid, solid-liquid and solid phase extraction)


A range of optional tools and accessories is available to enhance the capabilities of the ePrep, making it flexible to various sample preparation requirements. 



The ePrep ONE offers a fully automated, end-to-end solution for chromatography sample preparation, helping to increase the efficiency and accuracy of virtually any workflow.



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