digiVOL® Programmable Digital Syringe Driver

The digiVOL Programmable Digital Syringe Driver is designed for precise liquid dispensing, offering exceptional reliability and accuracy in applications such as micro HPLC, solid phase extraction, filtration and membrane separation. The digiVOL comes with a controller, a stand and a syringe handle, and can be used either directly on the stand or in hand-held mode for smooth and flexible operation.

Smart controller

The digiVOL touch-screen controller can communicate with the syringe handle via a wireless connection, making it easy to program volumes and flow rates for aspiration and dispensing. The control software has four standard menus: ‘Quick Run’, ‘Method Run’, ‘Systems Settings’ and ‘Calibration Standards’.

Ergonomic syringe handle

The ergonomically designed handle is powered by an external 24-volt power supply, and uses a powerful syringe drive motor to provide accurate and precise dispensing of liquids at pressure. The device’s ePrep XCHANGE® system enables seamless and quick syringe exchange to minimise the time between runs. 

Build method workflows

Key features of the digiVOL Programmable Digital Syringe Driver include:

  • Accurate and precise dispensing of liquids at pressure
  • Programmable aspiration and dispense volumes and flowrates
  • Remote control handle powered by an external 24-volt power supply
  • Simple to operate software with Quick Run Method modes
  • Rapid syringe changing – ePrep XCHANGE