Streamline quality and safety screening.

Automate sample preparation to free up your staff and increase throughput.

Chromatography is widely used in food safety and quality assurance applications, allowing the detection of harmful contaminants – such as pesticides and drug residues – as well as checking whether a product contains the right levels of key ingredients, additives and nutrients.

The laboratory workflow is often dominated by the manual sample preparation process, which is both extremely laborious and time consuming, as most sample matrices require significant clean up before they can be screened. There are also large variations between sample matrices, creating a need for knowledgeable and experienced staff.

If you are curious to know more about how the ePrep ONE can be used for sample preparation in food testing applications, please check out related application notes here.

Automating the chromatography sample preparation process not only frees up laboratory staff, but it also increases throughput and minimises human errors.

The ePrep® ONE used for food testing

The ePrep ONE can streamline the sample preparation process, offering a fully automated, end-to-end solution for chromatography. The system combines accuracy and speed for:

  • Preparation of instrument calibration standards
  • Addition of internal and surrogate standards to samples
  • Addition of derivatisation reagents to samples
  • Addition of reagents (aqueous and non-aqueous) to samples
  • Filtering
  • Extraction and purification (liquid-liquid, solid-liquid and solid phase extraction)


A range of optional tools and accessories is available to enhance the capabilities of the ePrep, making it flexible to various sample preparation requirements. 



The ePrep ONE offers a fully automated, end-to-end solution for chromatography sample preparation, helping to increase the efficiency and accuracy of virtually any workflow.



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