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Conference Papers

High Efficiency SPE/Fractionation Cartridges for Direct MS Sample Preparation

Part #98-55701-01 (98-17001-01)

Immunoaffinity and Enzymatic Reactor μSPEed for Rapid Protein Isolation and Digest

Part #98-55716-01 (98-17016-01)

Cleanup of Pharmaceutical Drugs in Biological Fluids by Automated micro SPE prior to LC/ MS

Part #98-55712-01 (98-17012-01)

Rapid Sample Preparation of Pharmaceutical Drugs in Serum and Blood by Automated µSPE

Part #98-55709-01 (98-17009-01)

Express Protein Digestion by Automated, Enzyme micro Reaction Cartridges

Pub #98-55710-01 (98-17010-01)

Blowing Analytical Precision out of the Water – μSPEed of Explosives

Part #98-55715-01 (98-17015-01)

Automated µSPE for Rapid Detection of Aqueous Nitro Aromatic Explosives

Pub #98-55707-01 (98-17007-01)

Automated µSPE for the Determination of PFAS Compounds

Part #98-55708-01 (98-17008-01)

Poisoned Water: An Investigation into the Detection of Pesticides

Part #98-55713-01 (98-17013-01)

Flexible Automation for All Steps in Sample Preparation with the ePrep ONE

Pub #98-55711-01 (98-17011-01)

µSPE-direct Sample Analysis Method to Identify/Quantifiy Disinfection by-Products

Part #98-55705-01 (98-17005-01)

Innovative Analytical Approach for Quantification of Polyphenols in Teas

Part #98-55704-01 (98-17004-01)



Our comprehensive product range provides everything you need for end-to-end chromatography sample preparation.


A range of optional tools and accessories is available to enhance the capabilities of the ePrep, making it flexible to various sample preparation requirements. 



The ePrep ONE offers a fully automated, end-to-end solution for chromatography sample preparation, helping to increase the efficiency and accuracy of virtually any workflow.



digiVOL Programmable Digital Syringe Driver is designed for precise liquid dispensing, offering exceptional reliability and accuracy in many applications.


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Syringe Filtering Added to the ePrep

ePrep can now automate syringe filters from most manufacturers. Simply select the filter task as part of a liquid…

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Appointment of a New German Distributor

We are pleased to announce the appointment of HB Technologies as the distributor of the ePrep range of automated…

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Ireland Distributor Appointed

We are pleased to announce Elementec Ltd as ePrep distributor in Republic of Ireland effective April 2022. We’re excited…

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New Distributor in Denmark

ePrep is pleased to announce the appointment of Mikrolab Aarhus A/S as a distributor for the ePrep range of…

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External Syringe Dispenser Now Available for ePrep

An External Syringe Dispenser is now available for large volume addition of diluent or reagent on the ePrep. It…

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Appointment of UK Distributor

We are pleased to announce the appointment of ESSLAB as the UK distributor of the ePrep range of automated…

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Italian Distributor Appointed

We are pleased to announce SRA Instruments Italy as ePrep distributor in Italy effective September 2022. You can expect…

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Middle East, Africa & Cyprus Distributor Appointed

Meslo has been appointed distributor for the ePrep range of automated sample preparation products used in the chromatography laboratory…

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New ePrep CEO

Eprep announced today that Colin Jump has been appointed as CEO of ePrep. Colin’s experience includes leadership positions in…

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An image of the ePrep office building

Certified quality: ePrep accredited with ISO 9001

ePrep is happy to announce that its quality management system has been certified to the international ISO 9001 standard,…

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Picture of ePrep team member

New ePrep European Technical Support Specialist

ePrep is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Cassandra (Cass) Rusher as our European Technical Support Specialist. Cass…

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Profile picture of Marty Kaloostian - new President of ePrep USA.Inc

ePrep appoints new president for operations in North and South America

Marty Kaloostian has been appointed as the new President of ePrep USA.Inc Marty joins the company with a wealth…

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