Accelerate diagnostics, vaccines and drug development through pharmaceutical, protein and metabolite analysis.

Automate sample preparation to speed up vaccine and drug development.

Chromatography is widely used in life sciences applications – especially within molecular biology – where it is used to identify proteins and nucleic acids in complex samples, providing valuable insights that can accelerate drug and vaccine development. Unfortunately, many laboratories struggle with the chromatography sample preparation process, as it involves numerous liquid handling steps, often with very small sample volumes. These procedures are commonly performed manually – which can lead to processing errors and repetitive strain injuries – creating demand for solutions that simplify sample preparation.

For more information on how the ePrep ONE has streamlined sample preparation for chromatography in life sciences applications, please browse through our application notes.

The ePrep® ONE used for life sciences

The ePrep ONE is a great tool for laboratories looking to automate their chromatography sample preparation process, increasing throughput and freeing up staff. This system uses analytical syringes to greatly increase the accuracy of the critical liquid handling steps, and can be used for:

  • Preparation of instrument calibration standards
  • Addition of internal and surrogate standards to samples
  • Addition of derivatisation reagents to samples
  • Addition of reagents (aqueous and non-aqueous) to samples
  • Preparation of surrogate standards
  • Filtering
  • Extraction and purification (liquid-liquid, solid-liquid and solid phase extraction)


A range of optional tools and accessories is available to enhance the capabilities of the ePrep, making it flexible to various sample preparation requirements. 



The ePrep ONE offers a fully automated, end-to-end solution for chromatography sample preparation, helping to increase the efficiency and accuracy of virtually any workflow.



digiVOL Programmable Digital Syringe Driver is designed for precise liquid dispensing, offering exceptional reliability and accuracy in many applications.